This year, Easter weekend fell over that early, intense stretch of the COVID-19 lockdown. That meant no forest Easter egg hunts, no big family fish braais, no picnics in the park and other Easter traditions that our South African customers look forward to.

Just in time to keep the magic alive for those stuck indoors, we released our Easter awareness campaign in the form of an interactive video game that could be played on mobile or desktop.

The game, titled Happy Ever Easter, follows Ollie, Inamandla and friends hot on the trail of the Easter bunny. Players get to choose which paths to follow and tap to collect all the magical Fantastical Easter eggs they spot along the way.


The Happy Ever Easter game was played 51.5K times, with 75% of those playing through to the very end. 40% of users clicked play again and 15K entered the competition with their contact details.