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The Puma Social Club in Braamfontein was hosting a Ping-Pong tournament and it was our job to get people to attend. For the tournament's success, we would need create big hype with a small budget. We were also targeting the student market, a market adverse to traditional media.

We invited 12 relevant social influencers to an exclusive #KingsOfPong launch evening where they would battle against each other and then share their experience online. They would create hype and then we would invite our consumers to join in. We crafted 12 invites - each tailored to the individual persona of the invitee. We played into the #KingsOfPong theme with cheeky yet regal language, bestowing upon each of them a fitting royal title, such as the 'Earl of Swirl' for ice-cream maker Paul Ballen, and 'Baron of Broadcast' for national radio presenter Rob Forbes. Each influencer received a one-of-a-kind branded bat, 2 practice balls and a written invite filled with innuendo and personal touches.

In the end, invitees recieved something that they wanted to keep, as well as share. We achieved 100% attendance and social media shares to a combined total of around 64 000 followers, all for the small price of 12 direct mailers.

Copywriter: Candice Botha

Art Director: Ilse Steenkamp

Creative Director: Sergio Ines

Agency: Ninety Nine Cents

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