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OneDayOnly is an online retailer that offers amazing daily deals on a wide range of products, for one day only. Every morning, the OneDayOnly newsletter hits inboxes with fresh, exciting deals on the best brands, and the products you didn't know you wanted, but now that you know, you really really want.

I was tasked to conceptualise and write a retail radio ad that would increase awareness of their big deal offering while giving listeners a taste of their quirky personality.

We decided to deliver the big deal message with one of South Africa's biggest deals, Riaan Cruywagen, the man who delivered the news to us and made us smile every day, just like the OneDayOnly newsletter. - Riaan Cruywagen Radio Ad
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Here at, we’re all about big deals. To prove it, the rest of our ad will be voiced by one of the biggest deals in SA…

Hi, I’m Riaan Cruywagen. I’m kind of a big deal.

If you like big deals, head to OneDayOnly for up to 80% off all the best brands. Shop now, because they’re only available for one day.

I know you miss me on the news, but now you’ll never miss a big deal again.

Sign up to their newsletter and start every day feeling like a big deal, with


Riaan  Cruywagen:

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