As a petroleum company, Engen help people get from A to B. This journey, however, is not always a physical one.

This is especially true when it comes to Engen’s Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, which are youth soccer, education and African development. Through these platforms, Engen helps people on their journey towards better opportunities and a better life.


We were tasked to showcase these CSR initiatives and let consumers know: wherever you’re from, and wherever you’re going, Engen is with you on your journey. We used the device of continuous line drawings to illustrate the relevant journeys from A to B.

Copywriter: Candice Botha

Art Director: Ilse Steenkamp

Agency: FCB Cape Town

Soccer players, we’re with you on your journey

Soccer teaches dedication, discipline and teamwork. It also teaches us to have goals to work toward, both between the goal posts and in life. That’s why we’re proud to have been the sponsor of the national U17 knockout championships for over 13 years. About 10 000 of SAs future talent take part annually, making this the leading soccer talent identification programme. Through this, many young players have gone on to play for PSL teams, national teams and overseas clubs, proving that practice does indeed pay off.

Engen. With us, you are Number One.

Students, we’re with you on your journey

Education is man’s greatest empowerer. There is no limit to how much one can learn and how far they can take those learnings. That’s why we started the Engen Maths and Science Schools. These 9 schools around the country enable high school students from previously disadvantaged backgrounds to take their studies further. Around 2000 students take part annually in intensive extra tuition across Maths, Science and English and last year, these students achieved a 99% pass rate, proving that if you set your mind to anything, it can be achieved.

Engen. With us, you are Number One.

Africa, we’re with you on your journey


We’re an African oil company. Not because we’re at work in Africa, because Africa is at work in us. Since 1881, we’ve focused on enriching the continent through finding opportunities, innovating solutions and fuelling growth. We proudly service over 20 countries in sub-Saharan Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands and export to over 30 more countries. We’re committed to putting Africa first because when we win, we win together.

Engen. With us, you are Number One.


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