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Capitec Bank was one of the first banks in South Africa to open on Sundays, giving hard-working employees the chance to do their banking outside of office hours. Despite the obvious convenience, we had to break the barrier that consumers had against giving up their social time to take care of admin.

We decided to use this challenge as an advantage by making Sunday banking the new excuse to get out of your undesirable social events.

Copywriter: Candice Botha

Creative Director: Konstant van Huyssteen

Agency: Ninety Nine Cents

Capitec Radio Ad - Sunday Banking
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[internal monologue]

Sunday braai.

His friends, Boerie and Tjoppies.

Not yours.

He calls it "chargrilled, mmm."

You call it death on a plate.

You crunch your carrot and say:

"I'm off to the bank to get mobile banking."

"It's Sunday. Banks are closed, lamb chop."

Capitec Bank. Open Sundays, lamb chop.

A quick peck on the cheek and it's goodbye bro-braai, hello Sunday banking.

Visit for Sunday banking details.



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